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  1. A great devotion to Vitus developed in Germany when his relics were translated to Saxony in He is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers and is the patron of epileptics, those afflicted with St. Vitus' Dance (named after him}, dancers, and actors, and is a protector against storms. Feast day - June 15th.
  2. Saint Vitus Official Website – biacelgoatrogifos.draditalcudlerasorelolensiri.co – The American doom metal band from Los Angeles. One of the first bands of the genre, starting out as early as .
  3. Jun 15,  · According to legend, Saint Vitus converted to Christianity at the age of Valerian, the administrator of Sicily, tried to dissuade him, but was unsuccessful. Many miracles were attributed to Saint Vitus, including the cure of Diocletian’s son. Accused of sorcery, Saint Vitus was subjected to various tortures but was miraculously saved.
  4. Saint Vitus is the patron of Prague, dogs, domestic animals, young people, dancers, coppersmiths, actors, comedians, and mummers. He is invoked against epilepsy, lightning, poisoning by dog or snake bite, sleeplessness, snakebite, storm, and Saint Vitus Dance (Sydenham's.
  5. Saint Vitus is the patron of dancers, and particularly of those afflicted with the nervous disorder known as the Saint Vitus Dance, because, as the legend tells us, when his father looked in upon him through the keyhole of the dungeon into which he had been cast for openly professing himself a Christian, he beheld him dancing with seven beautiful angels.
  6. Saint Vitus Podcast. Instagram No images found! Try some other hashtag or username. Footer Logo. Saint Vitus Bar Manhattan Avenue Brooklyn, NY Open 6pm - Close. Proudly Backlined By. Saint Vitus Gift Shop.
  7. Legend says that Vitus was the son of a paganSiciliansenator named Hylas. The boywas convertedto Christianityat age twelve by his tutor, SaintModestus, and his nurse SaintCrescentia. His fathershowed his objection to the conversionby having all three arrestedand scourged. Freed from prisonby angels, they fled to Lucania, then Rome.
  8. St. Vitus features beautiful polyphonic sacred music and Gregorian Chant. Attend a Sunday High Mass (9 a.m. or 11 a.m.) to hear our choir, and click below for a preview of what we are singing.

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